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Crime Scene Cleanup Portland and its Stores are well known in Portalnd for Establishing a crime scene cleaning business for the city of Portland Oregon. This is was what we did when we opened our family owned and operated business here. The goal was to be able to create a local presence for people living and working in the city who were subject to a tragedy of a major accident or death. When crimes happen such as a homicide or murder, the blood left behind is considered a possible bio-hazard and requires a specialized form of cleaning. With a population of over 600,000 residents in Portland though we still have some of the lower crime statistics listing us just under 25 murders last year. Even with murders being a source of business to our company, what we primarily do is clean up blood from any kind of death.

Suicide Clean Up Portland OR

In the last year we saw a stark decrease in murder cleanup work, but unfortunately a increase in suicide's. When a person takes their own life a lot of misery is created. It is our job to help the family in the one way we know how to. We can be your source for cleaning up the blood left at the scene of the suicide. In the event of a suicide it is hard to imagine as family member having to clean the blood up from the the property, with all the emotional trauma associated with the situation. We operate a 24 hour business that will do the suicide clean up for you in Portland and can also make sure that the cleaning is done correctly. With well trained certified crime scene cleanup professionals we have the skills and know how to determine blood splatter patterns from the suicide, this coupled with advanced tools and chemicals, allows for us to make for certain the suicide clean up is performed in a manner that leaves the property safe for the family to return.

Unattended Death Clean Up and Blood Clean Up in Portland, Oregon

Besides cleaning up crime scenes, and helping families coping with the trauma of a suicide, we are also the foremost contacted company related to cleaning up after a dead body is discovered from natural causes. This entails many of the same blood clean up concepts we incorporate into our other crime scene cleaning. When a person dies it is conceptualized that the person will die in a state where the family is nearby or in a hospital bed with doctors and nurses to aid them. Recent trends in death clean up show that this is not the case. An ever increasing statistic is the number of unattended death cleanup we must perform in Portland, Oregon. When a corpse is not discovered for a day to a week, it will leave a bloody mess behind due to how fast the human anatomy will decompose. When the corpse decomposes from the inside, the gases formed inside the dead body will eventually create openings in the body that will allow blood to spill out resulting in the need to have the death scene cleaned up.

FAQ about hiring Crime Scene Clean Up Portland

Does your company work with insurance?

Yes, we usually will work through your insurance company unless we have seen problems, please call us and we can let you know if your insurance company is on our roster for crime scene cleaning.

Will you do Tear Gas Clean Up in Portland?

Yes, we are one of the more often contacted companies to do Tear Gas Clean Up and Cleaning up of tear gas residue, we know how to deal with this messy substance, and can help you dramatically.

Can you remove odors from a home after a death?

First thing is first, lets get the blood cleaned up. Secondly we use special odor removal tools to clean the air and deodorize it.

What is the cost of cleaning up blood?

Usually the costs are low depending on the situation and circumstance. For example many times we are able to work with your insurance company and we have a division that can help explain this, simply by calling. Or we can provide estimates.

How late are you open?

24 hours a day our crime scene cleaners are working and ready to help assist you. Please call us to or click on our online chat to get answers to any questions you have or to have our crime scene cleanup cleaners come to your home for inspection.


I want to thank you for all you have done. You and your team did a fabulous job of making my house feel like a home again. I never thought I would ever need services for a crime scene clean up, but the care and compassion shown in a difficult time was phenomenal. Thanks again!

John Smith
Business Consultant

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